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Putting The Final Touch On Your Landscape Design

With Total Green, your trees and shrubs will never look better or be healthier. However, nothing can ruin the appearance of your landscape design like weeds. Unwanted growth in your landscape beds can quickly make your trees and shrubs look unkempt, and if left to themselves, weeds can choke out healthy growth.

In the right environment, some weeds have been known to grow up to 3 inches in the space of 24 hours. Because weeds grow so quickly, vigilance is key if you want to keep your lawn and garden weed-free. Thankfully, Total Green has a solution for you to help your plants reach their full potential.

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Total Green’s Weed Control Plan

Let Total Green get rid of your weeds with our Weed Control Plan. We offer monthly bed weed services eight months out of the year. We’ll keep your landscape beds free of weeds by picking, pulling, and spraying those weeds to make your landscape look as beautiful as possible. We’ll even remove weeds from concrete.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for our Weed Control Plan:


Expert Inspection & Custom Treatment Plan

With Total Green’s expert experience and knowledge with weed population growth, we can customize a plan that attacks weeds before and after they emerge. Not only do we inspect and maintain your garden and landscape beds, but we also monitor and treat weeds in concrete crevices or cracks, either in your driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc. Microscopic concrete cracks present this path for plants growing beneath your sidewalk. Once a plant's roots discover a microscopic crack in the concrete, they force their way into the slab. Even small weeds and seedlings have the power to displace concrete using potential energy from root growth.

Our Weed Control Plan gives you the peace of mind knowing you can check one more thing off that mile-long to-do list of yours.


Eliminate Weeds Before They Emerge

Total Green’s plan is simple. It’s an 8-step, monthly process, which entails using mechanical methods, or liquid herbicide methods. We begin our process by applying a specialized barrier of protection to your landscape beds, helping to slow-down or prevent any nuisance weeds from invading.


Ongoing Post-Emergent Control for Unsightly Weeds

Throughout the season, we spot-treat or pick any weeds visible to the naked eye. For weeds that happen to push through the specialized barrier, Total Green comes equipped with specialized post emergent herbicides, tough enough to tackle even the toughest of weeds. This will ensure your biggest outdoor investment, your landscape areas, stay clean and weed-free all season long.

If frequency is ever an issue and more frequent visits are necessary, we can always accommodate and tailor our service for your specific needs.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our treatment to be effective in controlling unsightly weeds. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost.

Benefits of our Weed Control Plan

Stop taking countless hours of your precious time, sitting on your hands and knees picking weeds. It’s time to let Total Green handle those pesky weeds once and for all. With our continued care, you’ll experience:


Vigilant & Comprehensive Maintenance

Total Green offers comprehensive weed control services, inspecting and maintaining not only garden beds but also monitoring and treating weeds in concrete cracks or crevices, preventing root intrusion that can damage structures. Weeds have the potential to grow remarkably fast, so vigilance is key to ensure that weeds don’t compromise the health and appearance of your outdoor spaces.

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Enhanced Aesthetics

Weed control ensures that desired plants, shrubs, and trees are free from unsightly weed populations, allowing them to flourish and showcase their natural beauty without being suffocated or overshadowed. By keeping your landscape areas clean and weed-free, Total Green's services protect your significant outdoor investment, ensuring the long-term health and appeal of your outdoor spaces.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our treatment to be effective in controlling nuisance insect populations within 24 hours, and with significant reduction for as long as 30 days after your service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost.

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