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At Total Green, we understand the challenges that come with maintaining a beautiful and functional lawn. Unwanted pests can disrupt outdoor activities and diminish your lawn’s appeal. Our expert lawn pest control services are here to help you regain control.

Picture a vibrant, healthy lawn where you can enjoy leisurely strolls, family gatherings, and peaceful moments in nature. Total Green is dedicated to creating an environment where you can make the most of your outdoor space without the hassle of pests. Reach out today to learn more about our options for lawn pest control in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

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Total Green’s Lawn Pest Control Plan

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for our Lawn Pest Control Plan:


Expert Inspection & Custom Proposal

At Total Green, our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your lawn's condition. We gather essential information, including accurate measurements of your property's square footage, to create a customized proposal tailored to your lawn's unique requirements. We understand that each lawn has its own unique characteristics, and our approach reflects that.

In cases where the exact square footage isn't readily available, don't worry. Our team is ready to step in and conduct a manual measurement to ensure we have the precise data needed. Our commitment lies in providing accurate solutions that cover every corner of your lawn.


Initial Service

The initial service involves a comprehensive four-step process. We administer a blanket treatment of advanced insect control solutions across your entire lawn, effectively targeting a range of pests such as ticks, fleas, ants, spiders, and chinch bugs. Our approach is meticulous and efficient, addressing the majority of pests that could potentially impact your lawn.

This service is especially effective during the active summer months when pests are at their peak. Our treatments are strategically developed to combat the insects that thrive in Cincinnati's climate. No matter what kind of insects are causing disruptions in your yard, we are prepared to handle them.

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Ongoing Protection Services

At Total Green, we don't just get rid of pests; we're here to make your lawn a place of comfort and joy. At the same time, we recognize that every lawn is different. Let's take a closer look at the service types we offer:

  • Recurring lawn insect control services: Imagine having a shield against lawn pests that lasts all year round. Our recurring service does just that. Each treatment remains effective for two to three weeks, ensuring you enjoy consistent relief from those pesky pests. While we usually visit monthly, we're open to adjusting our schedule to suit your lawn's needs, even if that means more frequent treatments. Our recurring service is all about reliability. Each visit promises the same high-quality products and dedicated attention, maintaining a standard you can count on. We believe that this consistency is key to achieving a pest-free lawn that you can enjoy.
  • One-time solutions: When you're looking for a quick fix, our one-time application services step in. Whether you're gearing up for a special event or giving your lawn a seasonal boost, our one-time option offers flexibility and convenience. We want to make sure your lawn is at its best whenever you need it.

Your lawn is unique, and we're here to tailor our services to its specific needs. Total Green invites you to reach out, have a chat about your choices, schedule an inspection, and set your lawn on a path to being pest-free. Your lawn's health and your satisfaction drive us, and we're here to provide you with the results you deserve.

Benefits of our Lawn Pest Control Plan

When you go outside, would you feel comfortable sitting on your lawn? How about letting your pets roll around in your lawn? Total Green uses a specialized formula to stop insects from creating their home-base in your lawn. Create a safer outdoor living space for your family and pets by stopping nuisance insects today. These insects include but are not limited to, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, centipedes and more. You’ll see the results within 24 hours. With our continued care, you’ll experience:


Enhanced Soil Health

Finding and exposing insects in their hiding spots, and delivering powerful and safe products, strategically to ensure they stop making their home, yours. Total Green uses science-based treatments to expose and eliminate nuisance insects from every angle. Nuisance Insect populations can be controlled within 24 hours of your first service. We come back monthly to treat your property to ensure your property is insect free.

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Protection For Your Family & Pets

For those with furry companions who love spending time outdoors, our lawn pest control services are particularly advantageous. We recognize the significance of having a secure environment for your pets to play in, and our solutions are designed with their well-being in mind. When Total Green treats your property, we essentially create a forcefield around your property that denies nuisance insects from seeking shelter at your property. This gives your pets and family a safe outdoor living space.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our treatment to be effective in controlling nuisance insect populations within 24 hours, and with significant reduction for as long as 30 days after your service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost.

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Embrace Pest-Free Living With Total Green

At Total Green, we go beyond routine lawn pest control. Your satisfaction and lawn’s health are our top priorities. Our motivation stems from a genuine concern for your well-being and satisfaction. We cultivate strong relationships with our customers, understanding their unique goals and challenges. Your lawn is an investment, and we’re here to help you protect it. Our team offers personalized solutions tailored to your lawn’s specific needs.

Total Green is proud to be your partner in creating a beautiful and pest-free outdoor space. With expertise, dedication, and genuine care, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver the exceptional lawn insect control service you deserve.
Contact us today to receive a free estimate and learn more about our lawn pest control services. Let’s work together to achieve a pest-free lawn you can enjoy year-round. We’re excited to help contribute to your lawn’s health and beauty.

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Lawn Pest Control FAQs

If my neighbor has insects, will they come into my yard even if Total Green is treating them?

The presence of insects will be significantly reduced due to the fact you are having Total Green treat your lawn for insects.

No, we apply around 5’-10’ away from any body of water. We don’t want any products to leach into any body of water.

Yes. Anytime it rains directly after our lawn insect treatment, you risk the chance of product washing away. This only occurs after a heavy downpour. A light rain shouldn’t reduce the efficacy as drastically. In this case, please advise us that you need an additional, free treatment.

Each lawn insect treatment can reach a maximum of 30 days and some instances 2 weeks.

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