Aeration & Overseeding

Revitalizing Your Lawn With Aeration

Do you want to know the secret to a thick and more dense lawn? You guessed it: Aeration & Overseeding.

With aeration, your lawn can finally accept fresh oxygen, precipitation, and nutrition it needs, allowing the roots of your existing turf to spread deeper. Not only does this create a healthier, denser turf for the following season but it also helps filling in weak and void areas that need replenished with new desirable turf. It’s the perfect solution to growing a better lawn.

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Total Green’s Aeration & Overseeding Plan

Here’s what you can expect from Total Green’s aeration and over-seeding services:


Initial Service For Revitalizing Your Lawn

Let's delve into the core of Total Green's aeration services: the initial service that kickstarts your lawn's rejuvenation. Our lawn aerating process begins with a key step: decompaction. Using a specialized mechanical aerator, we engage in core aeration, where small plugs of soil are strategically extracted from your lawn. These plugs create vital pathways, allowing essential nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate the grassroots. Think of it as nature's way of providing your lawn with a much-needed nutrient boost. The results are profound. Root growth receives a significant boost, creating a sturdy foundation for enduring health.

Beyond this, your lawn experiences an increase in both thickness and lushness. What you'll have underfoot is not only visually appealing but also a testament to your lawn's restored vitality. We also address those areas that need a bit of extra care, like bare spots and thinning regions. We'll handle these areas with overseeding, a proactive approach that ensures your lawn maintains its vibrancy throughout the year. Through the careful introduction of high-quality seeds, we're setting the stage for a consistently lush lawn.

Timing is of the essence, and we've got that covered. Our initial service takes place between August and November, a window thoughtfully chosen to align with the optimal growing conditions of the fall season. This strategic approach ensures that your lawn benefits from nature's rhythm and thrives. With our initial aeration service, your lawn is revitalized, setting the stage for lasting health and beauty.


Lawn Repair & Renovation For Advanced Needs

Too often, people mistakenly believe aeration and overseeding is going to fix all their bare area problems. The stark truth is, it’s not a remedy for the bare areas. Why? You see, aeration is meant for your lawn. Your lawn greatly benefits from the service because you release the stress from your lawn and invite vital nutrients, oxygen, and water into the system once again so it can properly recover and grow again.

Lawn renovation or renovating is separate from this, in the fact that some people’s lawns are more distressed, void in multitudes, hard as a rock, can’t ever seem to get grass to grow in certain areas. Maybe some low areas in need of being filled? These are all specific diagnoses, specific to your lawn. If you think you need above and beyond attention, even after your aeration service, this is the solution for you. A Total Green specialist comes to visit your property and diagnose a customized plan of attack to help you achieve results you won’t get with a standard aeration & overseeding service will get you. This is when your lawn needs severe help. Reach out today to discuss more advanced options for your lawn, today!

  • Low areas? Consider fresh, shredded topsoil!
  • Large bald spots, hard as a rock? Consider cultivation!
  • How about thinning throughout? Consider slit seeding!

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Proper Care

Our commitment to your lawn's health extends beyond the initial service. Total Green offers a recurring maintenance plan designed to keep your lawn thriving throughout the seasons. While our expertise ensures the right care, there's an important role for you to play: consistent watering.

Proper watering is the backbone of post-aeration success. We recommend a weekly watering regimen of at least one inch, easily gauged using a common tuna can. This step is vital for supporting seed germination and fostering robust growth, ensuring your lawn's ongoing vibrancy.

Now, let's talk about the seeds we've carefully sown. As spring rolls around, those seeds will begin their transformation journey. Be prepared for a bit of patience, as the germination process typically takes around four to six weeks before visible growth emerges.

In addition to watering, there are a few more things you can do to maintain your lawn's health. Regular mowing, proper fertilization, and addressing any pest issues will promptly contribute to a flourishing turf. Remember, a little ongoing care goes a long way in preserving the lush, green lawn you've invested in.

With Total Green's recurring services, we partner with you to achieve sustained beauty. Reach out to us to explore our approach to year-round lawn care and discover how we can help your lawn stay green and healthy.

Benefits of Our Aeration & Overseeding Plan


Enhanced Soil Health

Core aeration promotes soil de-compaction, allowing vital nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach grassroots, fostering robust root growth and healthier turf.


Thicker, Lush Lawn

By creating pathways for essential elements, aeration leads to increased lawn thickness, lushness, and resilience against stress, resulting in a visually appealing lawn.

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Comprehensive Solutions

Beyond aeration, services such as seeding, repairs, and renovation address specific lawn issues, ensuring a complete transformation and sustained health.

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Your Partner In Lawn Transformation

At Total Green, we are more than just a lawn aeration company; we are your partners in achieving a beautiful and sustainable lawn.

We prioritize customer happiness and building lasting relationships. Your lawn’s health and your satisfaction are our primary goals.

By choosing Total Green’s aeration services, you’re investing in the health and longevity of your lawn. Our approach to lawn aeration nurtures the soil, promotes root growth, and ensures that your lawn remains vibrant year after year.
Building relationships with our customers is a cornerstone of our approach. We’re here to understand your goals and help you achieve them, every step of the way.
For top-tier aeration services in Cincinnati, Total Green is your trusted partner. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and take the first step toward a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

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Aeration & Overseeding FAQs

Should I water my lawn after a lawn renovation is performed, such as aeration & seeding?

Yes. Ensure you are watering in the morning and at midday. Make sure the lawn remains damp throughout the day. This will create a good environment for the seed to plant itself into the soil. Continue to water your lawn daily, for 3-4 weeks. After you see germination, you can water once per day, each week is preferred. Watering always helps the turf in several ways.

No. Leave the cores, they will break down and in 2 weeks or so, and will turn into organic matter and dissolve, with the help of watering.

If you’re able, while consistent with your watering frequency, give the lawn a week or 2 weeks, at most, before resuming normal activity. The longer you can hold off with foot traffic, the better. Mowing won’t harm any new seed development. Be careful when changing mowing directions, to not churn up the soil with your tires.

Yes. Call 811 Dig and be proactive about your underground utilities being marked. This will help us with any precautionary mistakes that can happen out on your lawn during this process. Typically, these utility companies don’t bury their cables deep enough (to code) and by fault, our aeration process can disturb your underground wires, creating a short-term headache.

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