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Ever found yourself scratching your head, unsure of how to bring your struggling trees and shrubs back to life? That’s where Total Green comes in, your trusted ally in preserving and enhancing the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs right here in Cincinnati, OH. Our team of shrub and tree care experts is dedicated to helping your outdoor spaces flourish, providing you with a vibrant and thriving landscape. With our comprehensive shrub and tree care in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, we combine a passion for nature with cutting-edge techniques to deliver outstanding results that surpass your expectations.

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Providing Tailored Care For Your Trees and Shrubs

Too often, your trees and shrubs are neglected and don’t receive the attention your lawn does. Allow us to protect your plants before it’s too late. With the proper protection and nutrition, you can tap into a whole new realm of beauty nestled in between your lawn and home. Let Total Green’s science-backed program revitalize and secure your trees & shrubs in your landscape beds from diseases, stunted growth, and insect damage.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for our Tree and Shrub Protection Plan:


Evaluation and consultation

At Total Green, we know that each tree and shrub is as individual as you are. That's why our first step is getting to know your landscape. How many trees do you have? How many shrubs? What are their sizes?

Our process begins with a thorough evaluation of your landscape. Our experts examine the overall health of your trees and shrubs, identifying any existing issues or potential threats. We then schedule a consultation with you to discuss our findings, understand your goals, and tailor our approach to your preferences.


Customized Care Plan

Armed with this information, our professional arborists and horticulturists develop a comprehensive plan tailored precisely to your landscape's needs. Our Tree & Shrub Health Plan focuses on 3 core issues: stunted growth, fungal issues, and insect and disease damage. Based on the evaluation and consultation, we create a customized care plan that outlines the recommended treatments and services for your trees and shrubs. This plan is designed to promote healthy growth and address any existing concerns.

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Expert Execution

With the care plan in place, our skilled technicians and arborists put their expertise into action. From pruning and fertilization to pest management and disease control, we implement the necessary steps to enhance the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs.

Our team utilizes advanced techniques and tools to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently and with the utmost precision. Total Green’s science-based treatments attack and neutralize diseases and insects before they destroy your trees and shrubs. To provide proper nutrition for optimal root growth, we use a nutrient-dense soil drenching method that feeds plants for deep root growth

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Ongoing monitoring and adjustments

We believe in the long-term vitality of your landscape, which is why we provide ongoing monitoring to track the progress of your trees and shrubs. If adjustments to the care plan are needed based on changing conditions, our team adapts quickly to ensure consistent growth and health. Your landscape deserves a dedicated partner that's in it for the long haul. Total Green is here to ensure your outdoor haven flourishes today and every day after.

We guarantee our treatment to be effective in controlling insects, as well as protecting against fungal issues. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost.

Benefits of our Tree & Shrub Protection Plan

Maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs can feel like a never-ending battle, with pests, diseases, and seasonal changes constantly challenging their well-being. It’s a challenge that demands expertise, time, and ongoing effort — a challenge that Total Green is uniquely equipped to tackle. Our recurring tree and shrub health service provides you with consistent, hassle-free solutions, ensuring the sustained health and vibrancy of your outdoor space. With our continued care, you’ll experience:

Here’s an expanded look at what this entails:


Insect & Disease Protection

Total Green uses science-based treatments to properly feed and neutralize diseases and insects from damaging your plants. Attack disease and insects simultaneously before they destroy your trees and shrubs with our science-backed program.

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Sustainable Growth

Our recurring services are designed to nurture the sustainable growth of your trees and shrubs. With regular pruning, fertilization, and disease prevention, we help your plants thrive and reach their full potential. This not only contributes to the beauty of your landscape but also improves the overall air quality and ecosystem health in your surroundings.

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Increased Property Value

Well-maintained trees and shrubs are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they can significantly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers and visitors are drawn to the lush, inviting appeal of a landscape that's brimming with life. Our services ensure that your investment yields returns in terms of both enjoyment and property appreciation.


Time & Effort Savings

Caring for trees and shrubs requires expertise, time, and effort. By enlisting Total Green for recurring services, you free yourself from the demands of regular maintenance. Instead, you get to relish the beauty of your landscape while we handle all aspects of tree and shrub health.

Our shrub and tree care services in Cincinnati help your landscape become a space where beauty and function harmonize. With Total Green in your corner, you’re securing a reliable and professional ally to manage the ongoing well-being of your outdoor space.

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Your Lush Landscape Awaits

At Total Green, we’re here to bring out the best in your outdoor spaces. Our expertise extends beyond maintenance; we specialize in the art of turning ordinary landscapes into thriving, captivating environments. We’re focused on building relationships with our customers, helping them achieve their landscape goals, and ensuring their happiness along the way. With a customized approach, a proven process, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we’re your trusted partners in cultivating the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. Discover the practical benefits of a flourishing landscape, an uptick in property value, and the luxury of time, all made possible through our expert shrub and tree care services.

Ready to turn your outdoor space into a greener, livelier haven? Reach out today to schedule an evaluation and consultation for your Cincinnati, OH, property. Let’s take that first step towards an outdoor space that reflects the best nature has to offer.

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Tree & Shrub Protection FAQs

Will rain reduce the effectiveness of today’s application?

No, rain helps rinse our products into the soil, allowing the plants to uptake the products. Our products work from the inside of the plant, outwardly.

Yes. Just because you don’t see pests, doesn’t mean you need to halt service. Halting service, in time, will start introducing pests back into your plants, creating habitats. You want to ensure you’re keeping your plants protecting year-round, season to season. Once the program stops, pests begin intruding and will soon find their way into your home as well.

It is always recommended to water your plants when it is dry and there’s a lack of water. Watering does not reduce the efficacy of the application applied to your plants.

No. Providing care to your trees and shrubs, just like your lawn, takes time. We use a mixture of slow-release nutrition as well as a mixture of products that require time and patience to work. If you give the program a full season, you should notice better blooming and foliage density. The process takes time and is an investment into an expensive part of your outdoor living space. If you continue the program year in and year out, your plants should improve each season.

No. This Tree & Shrub Health Service is specifically designed for the plants held within your landscape bed boundaries. We don’t treat large trees.

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