How Aeration Breathes New Life Into Cincinnati Lawns

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Many of the homeowners in the Cincinnati region make considerable sacrifices in time and resources toward having a home that they can be proud of. The lawn and garden areas of your property are often susceptible to harsh weather conditions, diseases, insects, and other concerns. Maintaining a great-looking lawn requires some diligence, such as properly mowing, fertilizing, and aerating. When these maintenance tasks are neglected, the appearance of your lawn will suffer.

Are you currently dissatisfied with the appearance and condition of your lawn? This is a common problem for homeowners in the Cincinnati area, as failing to perform proper lawn maintenance and care will have adverse consequences for the grass. Property owners who are looking to dramatically improve their lawn’s appearance should promptly contact a professional provider of residential lawn care services. At Total Green, we’ve got you covered for lawn maintenance, aeration, and more. 

What Is Lawn Aeration?

The primary purpose of lawn aeration is to release compacted soil. Using a mechanical device, the core aeration process extracts small plugs of soil from the area below. Here, the water and nutrients that are necessary for creating a strong root system have more straightforward access to the soil. As part of the aeration process, we will typically perform overseeding and will address thin or bare areas of the lawn.

Are you frustrated with the appearance of your lawn? Cincinnati homeowners should speak with a local lawn care service professional regarding some potential solutions. Our trained experts provide top-quality lawn fertilization solutions, lawn aeration services, and a host of other options for improving the health and appearance of your lawn.

The Many Benefits Aeration Can Bring To Cincinnati Lawns

Your lawn is often exposed to a variety of challenges, such as excessive heat, insufficient water, foot traffic, and more. Lawn aeration is a great solution for relieving the pressure on lawns that have become overly compacted. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Aeration allows for releasing compacted areas of soil that often cause standing water and hinder root growth.
  • The soil receives a better supply of air, water, and many vital nutrients.
  • The penetrating process of aeration helps to prevent the accumulation of decomposing organic materials or “thatch.”

How often should you aerate your lawn? In most situations, aerating your lawn once annually is sufficient. We typically perform lawn aeration services in the late summer or fall months, usually in August, September, or October.

Why Professional Aeration Is The Key To A Healthy Lawn

Have your efforts using store-bought, do-it-yourself home lawn care options been disappointing? You are not alone. Each year, property owners in the Cincinnati region find that the mass-marketed lawn care products leave much to be desired. The retail home lawn care products represent “one-size-fits-all” solutions to problems that typically require a tailored or customized plan.

Are you looking for a provider of professional lawn aeration services near you? Look no further than the team of trained experts with Total Green.

Your Source For Cincinnati Lawn Aeration

Are you noticing bare spots, standing water, or brown areas throughout your lawn? These are signs that you need maintenance services. Contacting a professional lawn care company is the best option.

The family-owned team of specialists with Total Green has continued to provide homeowners in the Cincinnati region with high-quality lawn care services. We are a truly comprehensive provider that has the training and expertise needed to ensure your property’s exterior yard area looks great. Our specialists make accurate assessments of the property conditions and take steps to prevent harmful pests and diseases.

Local residents should consider our ongoing property service plans. We now offer the Lawn Health Plan, Lawn Health Plan Plus, and Lawn Health Green Up Plan, which will ensure your lawn appears lush and healthy. For additional information, contact us today.

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