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Quality Lawn Care In Bellevue, KY

A suburb of Cincinnati, Bellevue sits on the banks of the Ohio River. The town features some of the best views of the Cincinnati skyline and is a ten-minute drive from professional sports, theater, and other forms of entertainment. Residents can find locally owned and operated restaurants and shops, providing a unique feel to this quaint community.

Trees line the Bellevue streets, and properties feature grass yards and gardens. Maintaining these features will improve the appearance of your property and keep you safe from pests. However, they also invite several creatures that can damage your property and invade your building. Bellevue, KY, pest control professionals can keep these intruders away.

Total Green protects the lawns of Bellevue and the surrounding area. We’ll ensure the health of your lawn and keep potentially devastating pests off your property.

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Expert lawn nutrition services for Bellevue homes

A healthy lawn can be an asset to your property, improving its appearance and value. But grass, trees, shrubs, and other features require constant attention. Drought and pests are some of the most concerning issues that can negatively impact your lawn, but professional lawn care services in Bellevue can help.

When you call Total Green to maintain your lawn, we’ll start by inspecting your property and providing a proposal. Our initial service includes pre-emergent treatments to protect your lawn from frost and crabgrass. We can also provide a slow-release fertilizer that gradually provides essential nutrients.

If you acquire our recurring services, we’ll return in six to eight weeks for more treatment, including weed control, soil amendments, and fertilizer. Call us today to maintain the health of your Bellevue lawn.

Tree And Shrub Health Services In Bellevue

The trees and shrubs on your property can improve its curb appeal, but these features offer even more benefits. They can cool your house by providing shade, reducing stress on your air conditioning. Pests and disease can hinder the growth of these beneficial plants, and shrub and tree care services in Bellevue can protect them.

At Total Green, the first step in our tree and shrub health services is identifying your plants. We provide four preventative applications and four foliage treatments to keep pests and diseases away. We can spray a liquid or use granular fertilizer, covering the leaves with a protective coating.

Our monthly services occur from spring to fall and provide year-round protection. Contact us to learn more about our trees and shrub health services.

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How insect pests can damage Cincinnati lawns

Invasive insects infest lawns before they enter homes. Some of these creatures remain in your yard, damaging grass, trees, and ornamental plants. Others cling to grass blades until your dogs or cats brush by them, enabling them to access your home. Insects can damage your property and spread illnesses to your family and pets.

Bellevue lawns provide homes for numerous creatures. They invade your yard by hitchhiking on wild animals or creating a colony that grows through reproduction. Some of the most common lawn insects that infest Bellevue lawns include:

  • Fleas hide in your grass until they can jump on house pets.
  • Ants build large colonies in yards and infest homes through tiny entry points.
  • Chinch bugs stay in your lawn, extracting nutrients from your grass.

Total Green’s lawn pest control in Bellevue includes four treatments. We’ll blanket spray your entire lawn with insect control to eliminate most pests in your grass. The treatment handles insects in all stages of their life cycles to keep them from growing and reproducing. This service is usually done during summer when these creatures are most active.

Our treatments last two to three weeks, so we provide monthly recurring services for long-term protection. We can also return more frequently if necessary. Let us know if lawn insects have invaded your Bellevue lawn.

How Professional Aeration Benefits Bellevue Homes

Your lawn requires air, water, and nutrients for survival. However, compacted soil can clog entry points, limiting the ability of these essentials to get underground. Some people poke holes in the ground to create the necessary space, but soil can fill them. For this reason, aeration is usually the best option.

Aeration involves mechanically pulling soil plugs out of your yard to create space for air, water, and nutrients to reach your roots. Some of the benefits of aerating Bellevue lawns include:

  • Encourage your grass to grow thicker.
  • Produce greener grass.
  • Reduce the amount of water you have to provide.
  • Decrease runoff.

Our lawn aeration service at Total Green includes seeding and aerating your yard to reduce compaction and encourage growth. Our mechanical aerators will pull soil cores, allowing essential nutrients to reach deep into your lawn. We’ll overseed bare areas to help them recover and provide our service between August and November.

Watering your yard is essential for the seeds to take, and we’ll provide instructions for this process. The seeds should begin germinating within four to six weeks, so they’re noticeable by the following spring. Give us a call if you need professional aeration of your Bellevue lawn.

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