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Effective Lawn services in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is on the banks of the Ohio River, offering residents food, museums, and professional sports. The city takes pride in its German heritage, and it’s Over-the-Rhine district has boutiques, bars, and the Cincinnati Music Hall. There are plenty of options for residents who live and work in this city.

Lawn care has a significant impact on the safety and value of your property. A beautiful lawn improves your curb appeal, making your home more valuable, and reduces pests that threaten your health and safety. Professional lawn care in Cincinnati, OH, can help you reap the benefits of a great-looking yard.

Total Green provides lawn and pest services to keep your home safe and comfortable. Our licensed lawn nutrition specialists use the best techniques to protect your grass.

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Expert lawn nutrition services for Cincinnati homes

Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn can benefit your property in multiple ways. It increases your property’s value and makes it less attractive to potentially troublesome pests. It also provides environmental benefits, such as cleaning the air, reducing erosion, and cooling the temperature around your home.

Total Green provides expert lawn care services in Cincinnati. We start by inspecting your yard to find distressed areas and taking photos to develop a treatment plan. Our initial service usually includes applying a pre-emergent product to reduce weeds or crabgrass. We can return in six to eight weeks to reapply products and keep unwanted growths out of your yard.

Our recurring services include free visits between scheduled services where we’ll address concerns. Call us to learn more about our lawn nutrition services.

Preserve the health of your Cincinnati home's trees & shrubs

Similar to your grass, trees and shrubs provide benefits for your property. They can improve your soil structure and absorb water for better drainage. They can also provide shade around your home, cooling your interior and reducing energy bills. But these features require attention to remain healthy.

Our tree and shrub pest control services at Total Green provide preventative maintenance to ensure the health of your plants. We’ll apply four applications, four foliage treatment oils, and sometimes a liquid spray or granular fertilizer. We can arrive between spring and fall, spraying your leaves to protect these features, and our monthly recurring services include the same treatments for year-round protection.

The trees and shrubs on your property can financially benefit your home. Contact us to learn how we can improve the health of your trees and shrubs.

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How insect pests can damage Cincinnati lawns

Most Cincinnati lawn pests are harmless and can even be beneficial. However, some insects damage lawns. They can turn your grass an unattractive yellow or brown and kill stressed patches. Knowing which pests threaten your yard and how they cause damage can help you prevent these problems.

Insect damage to your lawn often starts as small, scattered patches and might not seem significant, but these patches can combine to create large areas.

Some of the ways that insects damage Cincinnati lawns include:

  • They feed on your grass.
  • They attract other lawn-damaging animals.
  • Sucking insects remove nutrients.

When you suspect insects are damaging your lawn, Total Green’s lawn insect control services can help. We’ll inspect your yard to find the insects causing problems and develop a customized treatment plan. Our four-treatment process includes spraying your lawn with an insect-eliminating product, and we recommend the treatment during summer when these pests are most active.

We may recommend monthly services that last up to three weeks, using the same products in the same way to ensure our success. Let us know if insects are causing damage to your Cincinnati lawn.

Tips to defend your Cincinnati property from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes won’t cause damage to your lawn, but they’re annoying and potentially dangerous pests. They bite during dawn and dusk, irritating residents and sometimes spreading illnesses. They dehydrate in direct sunlight, hide in tall grass and debris, and require standing water to lay eggs.

Reducing mosquito resting and breeding sites will cause these creatures to look to other properties for their needs, leaving your yard alone. Some tips to defend your Cincinnati property from mosquitoes include:

  • Remove standing water from rain gutters, tires, buckets, and other containers.
  • Replace the water in birdbaths, rain barrels, and wade pools.
  • Treat and circulate your swimming pool water.
  • Cut your grass short and reduce yard debris.

Our Cincinnati mosquito control services at Total Green use a backpack fogger on your mulch beds, oriental grasses, and drainage areas. We’ll spray an IGR (insect growth regulator) on larvae and hatchlings to ensure they can’t grow and reproduce. Our treatment includes six steps, significantly reducing the populations on your property and preventing them from breeding.

We offer one-time services and monthly treatments between April and August, returning every three or four weeks for seasonal protection. Give us a call to keep mosquitoes away from your property.

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